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“Seductive, subtle and stunning all at the same time. She takes the world you know in hand, and tilts it slightly… until everything is something else, and breathtaking. Magnified World is not just big; it is deeper, scarier, more there than the real thing. And although it’s a daunting place to be, O’Connell’s writing is such that you’d follow her anywhere. You’ll want to live inside this language, wrap yourself up in it; She really is that good.” — Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall, author of Ghosted

Magnified World brims with life and magic… O’Connell is a deft and delightful storyteller whose prose has a natural clarity and buoyancy… O’Connell’s belief in the power of stories to save us shines through at every turn.” — Catherine Bush, author of The Rules of Engagement and Claire’s Head

“In its intimate mysteries and wry observation, O’Connell’s Magnified World offers something quite rare: a view of grief that isn’t sad, but touching, whimsical and wise.” — Trevor Cole, author of The Fearsome Particles and Practical Jean

“O’Connell delves into the murky waters of memory, identity and mental illness with heartbreaking clarity and wisdom. Magnified World is a gem of a book.” — Brian Francis, author of Natural Order and Fruit

“Grace O Connell moves seamlessly from sly humour to a remarkable exploration of loss and the conjuration of faith in a slowly splintering world. A book you will not soon forget…. A striking new voice. Magnified World is a remarkable debut not only because its author, Grace O’Connell writes with assurance and a rare vitality. It is remarkable because it is so deftly constructed that even the minute details take on a rare significance. At once funny and deeply disturbing, Magnified World will remain with the reader long after the book is closed and put aside.” — Rabindranath Maharaj, author of The Amazing Absorbing Boy

Magnified World is a powerful debut that tackles the fears and joys of the heart. There is poetry on the path that lies beyond loss, and Grace O’Connell has found it.” —Ami McKay, author of The Virgin Cure and The Birth House

“A haunting story about love and fragility, the permeable line between truth and the imagination, absence and longing, grieving and coming through. Here is a drenching swim in the strongest currents of feeling, the link between mothers and daughters, fathers, lovers and the very fine line between what we know to be real, and what we cannot ever know for certain. Grace O’Connell writes sure and poignant prose, full of gentle humour and striking intelligence. Be glad you found this book. It’s magical.” —Lisa Moore, author of February

“Charm. It’s a rare quality that is in abundant evidence in Grace O’Connell’s debut. A whole emotional world—and an intimate take on the city—are drawn by a distinctive authorial voice that’s already found itself.” — Andrew Pyper, author of The Killing Circle and The Guardians

“Grace O’Connell’s debut, Magnified World, bristles with energy… A smart, dark, funny, puzzle box of a book that is as much about hope as it is about grief and the grip of a mother on her daughter.” — Alexi Zentner, author of Touch