ELLE Canada Fashion Dare!

The very nice people at ELLE Canada invited me to participate in a series called “Fashion Dare”, where a regular person (that’s me), test drives a new and upcoming trend. Then we chatted a bit about Magnified World and my writing process, which was lots of fun.

I’m pretty clueless when it comes to clothes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. Luckily, the fashion geniuses at ELLE made it all easy for me, dressing me in beautiful things, doing my hair and make-up and generally making me feel very glam (especially for eight o’clock in the morning!).

The photo isn’t up online, but if you happen to be browsing the racks at the grocery store, I hope you’ll check out the October edition of ELLE Canada, on newsstands now. UPDATE: You can see the photo online via the awesome site In The Company of Artists!

As a side note, it seems making writers over is a popular pursuit — check out this fun story about the National Post Arts Editors getting spruced up for the Toronto Film Festival.

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