NMA Nominations & Journey Prize Anthology!

This morning I received some very good news, courtesy of the National Magazine Awards: I’ve been nominated in the fiction category for both “The Many Faces of Montgomery Clift” (which appeared in Taddle Creek Magazine) and Noisemakers” (which appeared in Walrus Magazine). The award will be announced on June 7, also known as the day I will be a quivering mess of nerves.

I also got some great news about a week ago, but had to keep it under my hat until today: “The Many Faces of Montgomery Clift” is going to be included in the venerable Journey Prize Anthology this fall.

I’ve been reading the anthology for years and I always come away gobsmacked; it’s amazing to be included. McClelland & Stewart, who administers the prize, gave me a nice shout-out on the JP Facebook page (side note: how cool is the cover design for the anthology?). The winner of the prize will be announced on November 7 at the Writers’ Trust Awards.

Both stories can be read online via the links above. The rest of the Journey Prize Anthology authors will be announced on Facebook in the coming weeks, but you can read all the other NMA nominees (in the fiction category and the many others – very worth checking out) on their website. I’m particularly excited to be nominated alongside Lawrence Hill, an author I really admire.

So, if you feel so inclined, cross your fingers for me on June 7 and November 7!

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